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Homeopathic Provings

Homeopathic proving are a fundamental principle of homeopathic philosophy and practice. In a proving, a homeopathically prepared (potentised) substance is tested on healthy volunteers – provers – in order to test the state of health disturbance that the substance induces. Meticulous records are kept of the provers symptoms and experiences throughout the trial.

These responses are both temporary and individual to each prover, however the total information has a pattern unique to that substance and is used as the basis of clinical treatment. "Provings and treatment are two sides of the same coin that is homeopathy. Treatment addresses states of ill-health – provings induce states of ill-health. Recognising the state of ill-health of an individual subject and matching them with the state of ill-health induced by a homeopathic proving is considered to be a key element in the successful practice of homeopathy."
European Committee for Homeopathic Provings

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