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Lee Formica

BSW BHlthSci(ComplMed) AdvDipHom GradCertMentalHlthPrac MAHA reg'd AROH

Lee Formica is a registered homeopathic practitioner who enjoys working with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages in the radical promotion of health and happiness!


About Lee Formica & BodyMind Bellingen

Lee Formica holds Bachelor degrees in Social Work (UNSW) and Health Science - Complementary Medicine (CSU) AdvDipHom (Nature Care College) and more recently postgraduate studies in Mental Health Practice (UNE). 

Recognising the intricate interplay between physical, emotional and mental health, Lee’s clinical practice is grounded within a bio-psychosocial or ‘bodymind’ approach to healthcare.

A major focus of this work is providing homeopathic support for stress related conditions such as headache, gastrointestinal problems, poor immunity/auto-immune problems, chronic unexplained cough, insomnia, chronic pain and fatigue syndromes including post-viral fatigue.

Similarly, the practice is dedicated to the support of emotional and mental health concerns such as persistent melancholy,  anxiety, episodes of panic or shock and prolonged grief through an integration of homeopathy and holistic mental health practice. 


The beauty of a holistic approach is that by seeking help with a physical condition you should also expect significant improvements in mood, sleep and energy. Likewise, classical homeopathic support for emotional and mental health problems results in a synergistic alleviation of physical symptoms or complaints. 


Registration: Australian Register of Homeopaths (ARoH) Tier 1.

Professional Member: Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA)

 Lee is an online academic with Endeavour College of Natural Health, who enjoys teaching students nationwide in Homeopathic Medical Philosophy, Acute Case Prescribing and Comparative Materia Medica.

BodyMind Bellingen Practice & Projects

'How I got into Homeopathy' aka


Holistic Mental Healthcare


About 16 years ago I found myself wanting to learn more about healing and medicine, especially regards emotional and mental health. I’d studied/worked in social work practice and had witnessed the conventional medical model approach and had found it somewhat 'wanting'...

I thought I'd study nutritional medicine. I have spent plenty of time in hospitality - cafes and cooking - and had always connected to ‘food as medicine'. 

However on the college open day, I went to a Homeopathy lecture ‘Is there an alternative to anti-depressants’, given by my soon-to-be-teacher Mary Bentley. She talked about Homeopathy, its scope in holistic mental health care, and then presented a couple of paper cases. I was totally intrigued.

Around the same time I had come across a book by Dr Rudolph Ballentine called ‘Radical Healing’. His chapter on Homeopathy & cell salts was another first inkling to the world of Homeopathic Medicine and coupled with Mary’s presentation, I was starting to get hooked! I changed my enrolment to major in Homeopathy and graduated 4 years later to my dream job as a homeopath ;-)


homeopathic consultations & care

BodyMind Bellingen Clinic


Consultations available: 

Wednesday - Friday + alternate Saturdays

In clinic - via Skype or Zoom

Initial Consultation (allow 1.5 hrs) $120

Short Initial/Follow-up (1 hr) $90

Short Follow-up/Simple Acute $60 

Community Clinic Consultation $60

(healthcare card holders)

Homeopathic remedies

liquid - $15 pillules (vial) - $10

Feel free to call me to discuss how homeopathic medicine may help.



Ph: 0403 922 531


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Learn how to use homeopathic remedies- 1st Aid & 'home care'

BodyMind Bellingen

Homeopathy School

Become a 'lay' homeopathic prescriber, gaining confidence and experience in how to effectively treat everyday ailments, accidents and acute conditions naturally. Working in a small group (maximum 6 people) we will explore the basic principles & concepts of homeopathic medicine, in addition to all the 'ins and outs' of successfully using homeopathic remedies for 1st Aid & home care.

ONLINE via Zoom

Clinical supervision for students, homeopaths and other health practitioners using homeopathic medicine is also available. 

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To make a time to discuss all things 'homeopathic' please don't hesitate to connect... send me an email, text or call 0403 922 531


Clinical Practice

Wednesday to  Friday + alternate Saturday 

by appointment only

e: ph: 0403 922 531

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